Guided Paddleboard Tours

Bio-luminescence Paddleboarding

Paddleboard the Banana River as the world famous bio-luminescent water glows around you! A once in a lifetime experience you will surely never forget. Watch as the fish dart through the water like shooting stars and every stroke of your paddle leaves a glowing trail. Includes guide and boat escort. This tour is seasonal.

Bioluminescence is when light is produced and emitted by a living organism. This is due to biochemical reactions occurring inside the organism. Certain types of chemicals when mixed together produce energy which ‘excites’ other particles on vibration and generate light which causes the glow. As you paddle, the movement of your board and paddle, as well as movement of other animals in the water, create these vibrations and cause the water to glow. As you glide above, the fish and rays dart away, creating an amazing light show.

The boat with a USCG Licensed Captain and a Guide will pick you up at the dock where you will begin your journey. After finishing any paperwork, etc. (Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled departure time), we will head by boat to the starting location. Starting location will vary based on wind and currents. The Guide and Captain will get you setup with all equipment and give anyone who needs it a lesson (Don't worry- it's easy!) before beginning your journey. The guide will remain with your group the entire time you are paddling, but the boat may have to separate during certain sections due to shallow water or narrow passages. The Captain and Guide will remain in full contact the entire journey. When you reach the endpoint of your paddle tour, the Captain and Guide will load the equipment on board and we will head back to our original departure point. Photos will be taken throughout the tour and will be available online to download at the conclusion.

- Board
- Paddle
- Whistle
- Safety Light
- Drinking water

You may want to bring:
- SUNBLOCK! (The sun is really strong here!)
- Water shirt or a t-shirt (helps to block the sun)
- Water shoes (If you don't want to stand on the sandy bottom)